We use leather left over from the furniture industry, helping reduce material waste. Our paper is recycled.

How to use

Not everyone knows how to use the straps when they first get them. No worries, let Mikael show you how... Hint: He talks danish, but you'll get it even if it's nonsense to you:

"After trying these straps, other straps suddenly felt unnecessary long and clumsy"

Anders Nielsen

"I refuse to use other straps - and so will you"

Mikkel Wilhelm Kristensen

"I love not being limited by my grib strength and I instantly gained a 10 kg deadlift increase first time I used these straps"

Ann Romney

I wanted to make the perfect straps

One man, one sewing machine, one mission...
Back in 2014 I sought out to start making my own training straps simply because I knew my idea and design was much better than all the straps I had ever seen or tried - and that's a lot.
I'll be honest, the first many attemps were horrible. It didn't help not knowing how to use a sewing machine, but little by little I perfected my design. By the end of 2014, I had the perfect design and it hasn't changed since.